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a salt and pepper smile by ToasterLove a salt and pepper smile :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 0 know thyself by ToasterLove know thyself :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 3
pan and proud
It was easy:
coming out, I mean.
I’d heard horror stories,
of others being
laughed at,
beaten and bullied.
I was scared,
at first.
It was sort of
an epiphany
when I realized.
Almost a joke,
it seems.
It was like this;
“Wow, I think I
really like this girl.”
And that was that.
was the first
that I told,
and the second:
the girl that I liked.
“You’re just a
good friend.”
Funny, friendzoned
by the first
girl I’d ever
Then, it was on
to the rest
of my friends.
I told them
one by one,
at the moments
that felt right.
It felt like a breeze.
Slowly, the weight
on my shoulders got
less and less
but then came
the task of
breaking it to
Mom and Dad.
Dad came easy,
“I’m bisexual.”
“I still love you,”
with minimum
Mom didn’t come at all.
The job felt so far away:
out of sight,
out of mind.
But the time came
I found a girl
who I liked,
and she liked me.
“You already have m
:icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 0
The smell of
the fresh green
grass, last cut
of the season
The cotton of
your red stained
shirt billows in
the swift breeze
The bark of
the neighbour’s dog
threatens you and
echoes for blocks
The grey pavement
surrounds, engulfs you
knocked down and
laughed at too
The taste of
the copper blood
dripping down your
tear drenched chin
Why did he
hit me again?
What did I
do to make
him so mad?
:icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 3
As Dad drives the car up NeeKauNis road, the excitement and happiness brings a smile to my face. “No cares and woes beyond this point” is what truly makes me realize that I have returned to the place that I love.
Sitting in Nelson Hall, beside the warmth of the wood stove, Doug plucks the strings of a guitar and Shanti’s sweet voice fills the air. Chris, Amelia, Sharazade and Maddigan, as well as a few others, are catching popcorn in their mouths and laughing in the kitchen. The quiet chatter of others and the crackle of the fire mingle with the notes of the music. The smells of burning wood, fresh air and brown sugar waft through the room. Daniel and Joey make fun of “There’s a duck in my closet” and I laugh along with them.
Lying down to sleep, we hear the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof drowning out the sound of everyone’s steady breathing. The periodic sizzling of the fire engulfs us all, curled up in our blankets. The mattresses are
:icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 1
posh by ToasterLove posh :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 3
The Owl's Hour
You jerk awake and your first instinct is to glance at the alarm clock: the glowing green digits tell you it’s 3:33 am. You feel the sweat bead down the bridge of your nose and drip off the ski-jump tip. Your eyes are heavy and you feel an intense wave of grogginess wash over you. You turn to look at your bedroom door and the crack of light from underneath is so bright it threatens to blind you. You silently wonder what woke you up so violently and you put your head back down on your pillow, focusing on your breathing: inhale … exhale … inhale. You think you hear a thump noise downstairs and you sit up, eyes wide. You listen to the silence with all of your concentration and when you hear nothing you blame it on the cat. You lay back down with no doubts in your mind and you close your eyes, willing sleep to come. What seems like at least 5 minutes passes and you hear the same low thump: you sit up once more, annoyed. Damn cat. You dispel the covers and put your feet
:icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 3
Panther Logo by ToasterLove Panther Logo :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 0 doug by ToasterLove doug :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 1 5 12 by ToasterLove 12 :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 23 rise by ToasterLove rise :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 1 0 isolated beauty by ToasterLove isolated beauty :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 1 5 NeeKauNis by ToasterLove NeeKauNis :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 0 immerse by ToasterLove immerse :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 1 3 hurricane by ToasterLove hurricane :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 0 0 disorient by ToasterLove disorient :icontoasterlove:ToasterLove 2 0
I put a lot of effort into these so it'd be pretty cool if you commented on them and stuff. :)


snowflake brushes by meldir snowflake brushes :iconmeldir:meldir 3,926 860 Mother Knows Best by ArtistAbe Mother Knows Best :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 16,217 992 Tree Borders Brushes by ForestGirl Tree Borders Brushes :iconforestgirl:ForestGirl 1,315 156 Tree Silhouette Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock Tree Silhouette Brushes :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 3,120 471 Jirwaffe by Sean7700 Jirwaffe :iconsean7700:Sean7700 6 3 We Wish We Could Fly by MrEkul We Wish We Could Fly :iconmrekul:MrEkul 26 11 Trippy by MrEkul Trippy :iconmrekul:MrEkul 320 44 Wally the Werewolf by MrEkul Wally the Werewolf :iconmrekul:MrEkul 218 37 ACNL - Street Lamp by MorningPanda ACNL - Street Lamp :iconmorningpanda:MorningPanda 115 27
Dear Mommy.
Dear mommy, please don't hurt yourself.
I need you to hold my hand.
From crossing the little old gravel road
To helping me find wonderland.
Dear mommy, please don't hate yourself.
I love the way you used to be.
Happy and joyful, so filled with love
Or at least that's how you seemed to me.
Dear mommy, maybe I don't understand.
But please don't let yourself go.
I need you now more than ever,
And more than you'll ever know.
Dear mommy, please don't leave me.
I love you.. Don't you understand?
Mommy, please don't kill yourself.
I still need you to hold my hand.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 695 272
In My Mind
I like to talk to my best friends
Whenever i'm feeling down.
A precious lick of happiness
From their sweet and lovely sound.
I cry the tears of melancholy
Upon their reliable shoulders
A kiss among my scars
As the night grows colder.
A feeling of pure pulchritude
As our friendship does prove true
Yes, i confide in my best friend
If only you could hear them, too.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 130 22
Let's Play a Game
Let's play a game.
I don't like the game we play
But he says we have to.
After all, I am
Daddy's little girl.
Don't move...
I can't.
I'm too sad to move.
I don't like this game.
But I am
Daddy's little girl.
There. Wasn't that nice?
No, Daddy.
I don't like our games...
But I guess I have to
Because I'm
Daddy's little girl.
We can play again later.
I don't want to play later!
I don't. Like. Our. Games.
But I have to play them.
Because I'm
Daddy's little girl.
It's fun. Isn't it?
No daddy...
I don't want to be
I'm sick of being
Daddy's little girl
In Daddy's world
With Daddy's games.
Let me grab this knife, Daddy.
Let me hurt you, Daddy.
The way you hurt me.
I don't want to be your little girl.
... Daddy...
I want to play a game.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 227 59
And Daddy always lied.
My legs are covered in bruises
And I have a scar by my left eye.
I’m not allowed to smile, though
And I’m not allowed to cry.
I think my right arm’s broken
But shh, don’t tell my dad.
He doesn’t like to worry bout me
When he’s already mad.
I have a burn on my left wrist
From when he pushed my arm
Against the stove, the hot, hot stove
And did a bit of harm.
I have a bear, a teddy bear.
He doesn’t have a name.
He makes me better every time
I’m feeling hurt and shame.
Today, my dad came home kind of late
A beer still in his hand.
I closed my eyes and waited.
He screamed, he shouted, and…
Well, my name is Mary Starr
And this is how I died.
But daddy always loved me.
And daddy always lied.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 251 84
Fire In Paradise by vishstudio Fire In Paradise :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 976 57 Into Everlasting Fire by vishstudio
Mature content
Into Everlasting Fire :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 1,071 53
Out of Body, Out of Mind by UNlucky0013 Out of Body, Out of Mind :iconunlucky0013:UNlucky0013 9 11




Grade 10's pretty good so far. Got the first week over and done with! (I think I'm the only Canadian who uses the terms freshman, sophomore, junior and senior)
I don't know how much time I'm gonna have for art over the course of the first semester: I'm pretty swamped. All my academic courses are this semester and all my artsy/drama stuff is next semester.
Anyway, I just wanted  to check in because I haven't in a while. I'll try and do what I an and submit as much art as I can. Thanks guys. :)
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  • Reading: Maus - Art Spiegelman / Letting Ana Go -Anonymous
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  • Playing: Sims: Island Paradise
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  • Drinking: Water


Kourteney Rae
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
kourteney rae chiasson; 15; canada; i'm me, take it or leave it

Humorous > Caring > Outgoing > Smart > Trampoline Lover

i like to make people laugh | my birthday is january 13th, 1998 | i wear glasses 8) | my favourite colour is green | i love food | i want to be in the film making industry when i grow up, but i'm also considering psychology | i'm a bookworm | my favourite article of clothing are sweaters | i love love love giraffes | i have a white iphone 4S it was stolen, now i have a galaxy s4 | i'm in grade ten | i have a bamboo drawing tablet | i'm pansexual. don't know what it means? look it up | i love you

my tumblr: peace ☮ love ♥ happiness ☺ -
my twitter: b33skn33s -

Feel free to note me anytime i'm totally down to meet new people :)!
unless you're a creepy asshole...

:bulletred:FRIENDS IRL:bulletred:

:bulletgreen: KIRA: :iconmisfortunee:

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